Every Piece

Letters to the editor

Every piece

Wednesday 08.04.2009

Leena Ryhänen, dean, Vaasa

There was an article in Pohjalainen (20.03.2009): Vaasa artist society makes an interesting visit to Seinäjoki. The article had a picture of Maire Laasanen’s work ensemble stone circle. Raimo Hautanen urged the viewers to search the rocks that are glued on top of the stones for one that pleases themselves the most.

I want to face that challenge. Am I shiny or dim? Could I be round or oval? Am I jagged or smooth? Am I in the shade or in the light?

My mind was filled with questions that were hard, almost impossible, to find answers to. When you take into account that rocks are made out of minerals and classified based on their mineral content; there are crystallized rocks, granular rocks, rocks that look like plates and those that have threads going through them… Which one could I be?

Diamonds are born out of intense heat and pressure, for the others the process is gentler. The color of the rocks is based on how their minerals absorb the light and which wavelengths they reflect back.

I began thinking, that it is important that I can be one of the pieces among others. It would be sad, if my rock wasn’t there. I don’t want anyone to face that emptiness. It takes everyone, no single piece can form the whole by itself. No one is meant to live outside, out of touch of the others. The circle represents cohesion.

The light, that reflected to the work, made the rocks shine. It is wonderful, how well different colored and shaped pieces fit together, close to each other.

We all have our place and function among the rocks we live in. It would be good, if we could be in the light and so spread the light to others, who are in different situations, faced by the problems of life.

It is said in the Bible: ”Come, let us do justice among us all. Even though your sins are colored brown like blood, they will become white as snow; even though they are purple red, they will become light as wool”, so says the Lord. Peter tells us: ”Come to Jesus, to the living rock, abandoned by men but chosen by God and precious to him. And be built as living rocks to the spiritual house”.

The love of Jesus to us meant death to him, so that we could live with him. The light makes the rocks shine, love makes the sing. The Lord never abandons his creations. .